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The quickest and easiest way to contact us is through our phone number. Our phone stays live for 24 hours of all 7 days of the week. So if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with your car then you can count on our services. We used only one phone number so that customer can easily remember our phone number. We have multiple operators to handle several customers at the same time. You can also call us to provide your recommendations and getting more information about our services. You can also get more information by sending us a message through email. We reply to all our valued customer to solve their queries.

Our Phone Number: 045646982

Our Email Address:

It is extremely easy to contact AZCAR as we provide multiple methods to immodestly contact our customer support officer. The nature of our service require instant response, therefore, all our drivers and booking agents stay vigilant for 24 hours of the days. You can contact us through following platforms.

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We are also offering online booking of our taxi service through our website. You can order immediate taxi services or book this service for later through a single message. Our official website has the interface for online booking which can detect your location automatically. You can also add your destination. Our system will create a map for the path between two locations and the distance between them. It will allow you to calculate the service charges. This feature of AZCAR online booking service is making this company one of the most transparent companies in Dubai. We will not take advantage of your situation like other companies. We have standard rate and you will be charge accordingly. We also don’t accept tips as we believe in the total customer satisfaction without charging extra.

All these methods of contacting us are making our company easy to approach=h at any time from any place in the Dubai. Our services cover more than 55% area of the city which contains all high profile locations of the city.

Apple App

Apple is one of the most popular smart phone companies. Millions of people all over the world use smart phones of Apple therefore we developed a mobile app for the iOS. If you have Apple’s smart phone then you can download our mobile app to contact us. Our mobile app works with almost all versions of iOS and it is totally free to download. Our app is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can book our tow services instantly without going into complicating booking process as our focus is on providing you relief. It is a simple and secure app which does not affect processing power of the smart phone.

Link to download our Apple app:

Android App

Millions of people also use smart mobile devices with Android operating system. Therefore we also developed Android app to facilitate all those people. This app is as effective and user-friendly as our Apple. You can order tow service with this app through few taps of your finger. You can download it for free from the Google app store.

The best feature of our mobile app is that you will not need to explain your location. Just open the GPS and our app will detect your exact location and our driver will reach you without any disturbance. This feature will allow you to get assistance to strange places and it makes our app best for the tourists who don’t know the location of the city.

Link to download our Android app:

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